Creating an awesome visual resume

A visual resume works for almost all the categories and it definitely creates an impact on the recruiters and helps increasing your chances of getting shortlisted for the job you have been aspiring for. When developing an effective resume, it’s important to communicate your skills and experience in a way that draws the attention of your prospective recruiter, such as with a new and creative alternative to the conventional resume format. Visual resumes are a powerful showcase tool for highlighting your achievements that positions you as an ideal candidate for the job.



Visual Resume


Visual resume is a visual representation of your conventional resume that is developed by using graphics, info-graphic to highlight your achievements and skills in such a way that helps grabbing the recruiter’s attention. In modern times, when we are glued to our social media platforms most of the time and seeing the visuals and graphics through out the day, it has become a habit to see most of the content graphically and our brains also register graphics faster than any basic text.


Therefore, it becomes even more important to craft your resume keeping in mind people’s habit of looking at it. By using colors and graphics, visual resumes communicate the same information as other resume formats but in a way that is much more appealing, aesthetically pleasing and attention driven.


How to craft a visual resume?


Using a visual resume differentiates you from the other candidates who are still applying with their traditional resume, but still there are certain guidelines and tips to develop a professionally designed visual resume.


  • Content Focus:

While we are developing a visual resume, you must remember that content is always the hero. So, you must include all the standard information in well-written structured way. You should have the following basic content in your resume:

  • Professional Summary
  • Achievements of accomplishments (Preferably Tangible)
  • Skills or Core Competencies
  • Work History
  • Academics
  • Awards & Recognitions
  • Any International Work Stint
  • Volunteer Social Responsibilities


  • Structure your Information

Prioritize your information and use visual effects to highlight them in order to draw your employer’s attention. Don’t use any content, which is extra or does not make any relevance or sense to the recruiter. Just by adding additional information it will only reduce the interest. 


  • Follow 2-Page Global Standard

A two-page resume is an international standard and works the best for all the categories and for the people at different levels. While now a days one-page resume is also very effective provided you are able to capture best of your information.


  • 6-Second Test

Most of the recruiters or your HR Manager do not spend more than six seconds on your resume. You can test your resume to see if your key accomplishments and skills are easy to recognize by scanning a job description for keywords and requirements, setting a timer for six seconds and attempting to find at least five details on your resume that align with the description.  It would be good to take your peers to take a look and share their feedback.


  • Visual Templates:

There are plenty of websites that offer you professional resume templates for free. You can simply sign in to these websites, input your information and get a good-looking visual resume. The only challenge is they are not able to customize it as per your requirements.


Therefore, our suggestion is to pick up a professional resume developer who not only help you with content improvisation but also customize and personalize each and every information in such a way that captures the overall essence and produce a powerful design basis your content. 


Qwik CV is one of such platform committed to help aspiring candidates across all levels with a professionally developed resume (Well written content & powerful design template). You can check out their website for more information.

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