Make your first impression big and bold

A resume is your first step towards making a successful professional career. Make your first impression count. Make it big, bold and better. 

What is a
visual resume?

In simple words, a visual resume is a resume, where its “look” contributes to the impact alongside the content.

This may involve the design of the resume sections, a splash of colour to the content, icons or symbols to improve the visual impact or maybe some graphics to bring out skills or experience. The visual nature of the resume also takes into account the careful use of white space and the readability of the text.

The most successful visual resumes lead the hiring manager to the most important aspects of a candidate’s application.

Employers love
visual resume.

Everyone likes a splash of colour in their day.  And when employers are sifting through a pile of 60 resumes for one position, a visually colourful resume (if tastefully done) can definitely cause their eyes to linger that little bit longer.

In the competitive job market today, a suitably-designed visual resume is a great way to stand out.

Your resume is your reflection

Your resume is a true reflection of you and your candidature when applying for a potential job opening. You would surely like to make it look the best that can stand out and impress the future recruiters. You must take care of the following:

  • Your resume should be professionally well written
  • Professional Summary should capture the true essence of your professional career and accomplishments.
  • Professional achievements should be well highlighted 
  • Use graphics to highlight the important sections
  • Professional pic, also attracts eyeballs. Have it, if you can
  • Design-wise it should look simple, decent and attractive

Having a visual resume is a great idea

90% of information transmitted to human brain is visual and having a visual CV is definitely going to attract recruiters. Surely your career history should speak for itself – won’t a visually appealing resume detract from some of the amazing stories that you have to tell? We are perfectly capable is processing multiple streams of information simultaneously. While the hiring manager is immersing themselves in your career story, their eyes will still be stimulated by the visuals. 

looks Professional

No doubt, the visual resume looks awesome and professional.

Stands out

Visual Resume makes you stand out from the crowd and create your first impression.

Increase Job Opportunities

Enhances your chances to make more recruiters to look at your profile.