We don’t realise the importance of a visual resume

It’s a dream of everyone to stand out of the crowd and make a point to the corporate world. And, there’s no better way than making a creative resume to present your uniqueness in-front of the employer in the best possible way. Skills and potential are more or less same as compared to other applicants, however, how you communicate with the potential employer through your resume matters the most.

In this era of stiff market competition, where employers rarely have time to dig deep into every resume, your resume must leave a positive impression to them in a few seconds. So, how should your resume look like in terms of design, layout, text font and creativity? 


A creative resume won’t work in every industry. This is one important thing that you must keep in mind while crafting a creative resume. If you are applying for an art direction or Copywriting job in an Ad agency, a creative resume would be an added advantage, nevertheless, if you are applying for banking or technical jobs, a simple resume with key pointers would be enough. Therefore, make sure to keep your resume industry specific.


Every applicant tends to make his/her resume too cluttered in the hope to give it a creative touch. Keep your resume simple yet creative. Don’t miss out to mention the key points and keywords in your resume in the process of making it look creative. Yes, it’s good that you are giving your resume a creative touch, however, it’s about your objectives, goals, skills and experience that finally weigh heavier than the layouts, fonts and colors of the resume.


You must remember that employers don’t have enough time to look thoroughly at every resume. Therefore, your resume should attract the employer within a few seconds or else he might move onto the next. This is the reason you must include mention the key points in your resume at first, and it should be clearly visible and readable. Creativity is not about using colors, fonts and graphics in your resume, but how well you present your objective and purpose of the job in a crisp way.

Therefore, use short sentences, and mention about the purpose for the job, your experience, and how your skills perfectly suit the job you are applying for at the first place.


At last, don’t try to fake anything while writing or designing your resume. Try to be as original as you can as that might impress the potential employer at the first place. Present your resume in such a way that it exactly defines you. Even the color, font and graphic you are using should match your inner thoughts. In short, don’t try to overdo something in order to make your resume look creative. So, there you go! These are some of the ways you can make your resume look creative yet simple and informative that will surely impress potential employers. 

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